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A multinational investment company with an elite track record. 

BM Prime Capital was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in New York City and Lomé. The firm leverages investment expertise and first mover advantage to provide early-stage funding to startups in Francophone Africa. Simultaneously, in the United States, our firm specializes in the creation, development, and marketing of high-growth startups for acquisition. 

"We invest in launching high potential startups and, more importantly, the talented young entrepreneurs who will join the foundation of Africa's development."


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We believe the most underserved yet highest growth-potential region in the world is Francophone Africa.

With a populace of approximately 450 million people, the Francophone Africa region represents 30% of the total African population. Yet, it receives less than 2% of venture funding in Africa.


We are capitalizing on this asymmetry as the first mover at the pre-seed level, primed to capture tremendous value for our investors. Our firm is laser focused on key aspects of digital infrastructure: EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and InsurTech. 


Our venture studio's philosophy is simple yet powerful: Great business teams create great companies.  We recruit, train, and retain exceptional talent to fuel our culture of Intrapreneurship. We are serial builders and investors, working together to launch and scale startups, while backing top founders.

This hybrid approach confers tremendous value-add for our investors and the entrepreneurs we invest in. With built-in diversification and organizational expertise, we excel at both funding startups and creating them from scratch. 

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We are built to identify opportunities that virtually everyone misses. 

We aim to identify and invest in unicorns at the earliest possible stage (the pre-seed level). Our fund will invest in a minimum of 250 startups; this volume is 5-7x greater than typical venture funds. Statistically, we have a dramatic advantage with increased chances our bets will reach billion dollar valuations.  

Our firm pursues staggering profits, and we believe this is compatible with social good. We're focused on digital infrastructure because it is the global equalizer. By investing in emerging markets, not only do we have opportunities for massive profits, we also enable the most talented entrepreneurs to stay in their respective countries and grow their economies- resulting in a win for all stakeholders. 

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