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Brice Messavussu


Brice Messavussu

Brice is an experienced business executive and accomplished investor. Most recently, he joined a preeminent Wall Street law firm. Brice holds an MBA from The Wharton School of business and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Brice became the COO of a private firm at age 23, making partner just 1.5 years later after scaling the company to record high profits. He went on to become a high-return real-estate investor by age 25. With elite analytical and strategic skills, he has successfully launched and funded startups in several countries, building an extensive network of prominent connections. Brice Messavussu is a prominent African Venture Capitalist and founding GP of BM Prime Capital, a global investment firm that embodies his superior work ethic and relentless ambition to improve the world through compassionate capitalism.

Godwin Djramedo



Godwin is a valuable member of the firm's Capital Unit and Principal of the development team in West Africa. He is one of the longest tenured staff members at BM Prime Capital and sits on the firm's Executive Committee, helping to lead the day-to-day functions of the firm. Godwin holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Lomé, he has extensive experience in startup operations and sources deals for investment. Godwin first joined the team as an analyst managing consumer products and coordinating exports to the United States. He went on to become an associate before rising to Principal. Godwin's expanded responsibilities include supervising a portfolio of staff, sourcing deals, managing external partnerships, coordinating production and exports, as well as supervising the firm's construction projects.

bethany Goldstein

Projects Assistant


Bethany is a scholar at Binghamton University’s School of Management studying Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Business Analytics. She is a member of the institution’s prestigious PwC Scholars program and has experience as an analyst for the university’s Investment Fund. As an aspiring businesswoman, Bethany is honing her communication and empathy skills as an Executive Assistant.

Dorgelès guei

Venture Analyst 


Dorgelès is completing his degree in Management at the prestigious Lomé Business School with a specialization in finance. He is passionate about mathematics, data analytics, and personal growth through collaboration and teamwork. Dorgelès is highly motivated to leverage his skills in financial analysis, people, and project management. At BM Prime Capital, Dorgelès is applying his knowledge to practice and develop investment skills in venture capital. 


Vice-President, Design & Operations 


Justina is a versatile manager of people and systems. She oversees the day-to-day functions of the firm and leads the Executive Committee. Justina is a highly skilled creative with experience in marketing, design, and programming. She has credentials in UX/UI design from CoderHouse, Systems Analysis from the Escuela Da Vinci, as well as a degree in Industrial Design from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. At BM Prime Capital, Justina spearheads the design innovation process of portfolio companies, products, and services. She supervises a portfolio of firm staff and also serves as the firm's primary recruiter of new talent. Justina’s holistic and interdisciplinary approach to management, functionality, elegant aesthetics, and captivating user experience makes her an asset to the firm.

miyako morales

Portfolio Brands Executive 


Miyako is an Economics scholar at New York University. She is an aspiring economist and emerging leader who is passionate about the intersection of business, ethics, and equity. Miyako has experience working in different industries and has quickly risen through the ranks at BM Prime Capital. She is member of the firm's Executive Commitee, helping to manage day-to-day operations. Miyako spearheads operational functions across the firm and portfolio companies. She supervises a portfolio of staff members while leveraging her cross-cultural background, emotional intelligence, and finance training to develop the core business functions of companies in the firm’s venture studio.

michael photo-Photoroom.png-Photoroom.png

Venture Deals & Programs Coordinator


A seasoned operator, Michael is deeply passionate about steering startup success. Having built a company in Francophone Africa, he transitioned to supporting startups in various capacities. As a Venture Deals and Programs Coordinator at BM Prime Capital, Michael not only oversees the accelerator program but actively participates in identifying, evaluating, and nurturing investment opportunities. His journey, backed by a degree in Business Administration, reflects a comprehensive blend of education and hands-on experience in the dynamic realms of startups and investments.


Design Coordinator


Yaziid, a professional with a degree in cinematic sound engineering and multiple art certificates, seamlessly transitioned from a role as a sound engineer in the film industry to a focus on 3D video creation, graphic design, and video game development. Yaziid has a passion for cinema and graphic design, he is driven by intellectual curiosity, and desire to create memorable projects. Yaziid is known for his professionalism, motivation, and the ability to impart his knowledge to others.

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