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Welcome to Propulsor, the leading startup accelerator in Francophone Africa presented by BM Prime Capital. Our innovative program is designed to boost the growth and success of ambitious entrepreneurs in the region. We invite promising founders to join us to fast-track your startup's success.

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How does Propulsor work?


Propulsor is much more than an acceleration program; it is your strategic partner for training, planning, and success. Entrepreneurs in the program are rigorously trained, tested, and positioned to achieve success after graduating from the program.

World-Class Coaching

Experience unparalleled support by working closely with industry experts. Our world-class coaching will guide you at every step of the process, ensuring you are equipped with the skills necessary for the sustainable growth of your startup.


Fundraising Support


Navigating the fundraising process is complex and challenging, our team of specialist will guide your startup and support your team closely as we prepare you to fundraise. We will help you overcome obstacles and advance your business through an optimized financing strategy. 

Benefits of Joining PROPULSOR

  • Growth Acceleration: Maximize your startup's potential with top-notch resources and quality support.

  • Access to International Markets: Open doors to new global markets and strategic opportunities.

  • Continuous Learning: Participate in workshops, events, and training sessions to enhance your entrepreneurial skills.

  • Visibility: Stand out within the business community and attract the attention of potential investors and key partners.

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